Can you dictate the exact positioning of a light box in a section.

  • 17 January 2024
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Hi we have the following we are trying to create.

So we you click on View supplements we want light box to open on right side of the section to show ingredients.

We have created the light box but we are getting this.  Also you can click on site. 

Is there a way for me in unbounce to say exactly where I want this light box positioned.

1 reply

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Hi @rbarlow1070

In theory, with a lot of trial and testing + some custom coding you can reposition the lightbox. 

There is no native way to do it within the Unbounce builder. 

However, I would advise against messing with the placement of the lightbox since it would take considerable time to accomplish and even more time to properly QA and make sure it works as intended across different browsers and/or screen sizes.