Add different Languages to my landingpages

  • 10 January 2024
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I got several landingpages written in Dutch but as we grow we are going to other countries like Belgium and Germany. Therefore i would like the option to let the visitor select a languages for them to read the page. 
How can I set this up?

1 reply

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Hi @Richard_RevOps

Although, there are 3rd party tools out there that would “help” you automate this, I’m yet to find one that works well with Unbounce pages and how they are structured. 

As far as solving your particular question, I would create a language bar at the top of the page that would allow visitors to select their preferred language. Of course if you want, you can add some 3rd party tools and a bit of scripting to automatically redirect visitors based off of their IP location. 

Based on my experience I would also suggest:

  • Copy the pages (really easy to do in Unbounce),
  • Create a new URL for each new language and also make sure you label the pages properly so they are easier to find in the future. Either folders and/or page names should include the targeted language (ex. [DE] for German, [NL] for Dutch and so on) 
  • Hire a professional localization expert. One that is proficient in the field of your business AND has actual work experience in that particular field. This way they would know the lingo and terms as they are used by people in that particular industry. 
  • When translating landing pages or any text for that matter, you deal with either text expansion or text contraction. By copying the page and manually editing it, you are ensuring how your page is presented to the visitor, which no 3rd party tool can do. 

These are just some quick tips based on our experience of localizing over 200 landing pages for various clients.