Hubspot form to Unbounce form integration

  • 2 November 2023
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Hi, we are really having a hard time on the receiving the form submission from hubspot to unbounce form. The unbounce to hubspot has no problem. But when it comes on receiving the data from another form that is the problem. We also have zapier, but there is no native for the receiving end. Only beta versions of api request and api extension.


Can anyone here help us? We tried to contact the supports, still no good response from them

6 replies

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Hi @bryllpblt

When you are pushing leads from Hubspot to Unbounce through the API what kind of error do you get?  


Our main problem with it is that we don’t know if the zap we input in each parameter is good or not. There is no error in Zap either; the data simply does not pass to one another. What we want to do is Hubspot Form Submission Goes to Unbounce Form Submission = Leads and Information of the leads. In Zapier, there is hubspot to unbounce there is no native integration, only API Request(you could check below for each fields needed).


I hope someone could help, because even the support in Hubspot, Unbounce, and Zapier are barely reach regarding this issue. If any can give an example or clear advise to fix this

And we need to fill up this fields for the API Request:



Query String Parameters:


Additional Request Headers:


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Hi @bryllpblt

The “fields” you’ve included are just the API parameters that are either required or can be included but are optional.

Usually with the Unbounce API only the URL is required.

Even with Zapier using the API you can test the zap and it will either return a 200 (OK) or some kind of error, which will help you troubleshoot this. 

I suggest hiring someone of Upwork who can read the Unbounce API docs and help you set it up. 



The status is error 404


And I use form_fields in api

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@bryllpblt 404 is uri not found error. 

You are using the wrong URL endpoint. 

What endpoint are you trying to call? (What HTTP method?)

Did you specify JSON in the additional request headers?

What body are you sending through? (It needs a few specific things described in the API Documentation)