Where are you from? Brighton, England - born in Papua New Guinea

What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it? I started Digital Oyster a few (3-4) years back, which is going from strength to strength. We specialise in Native Marketing and run volume lead gen campaigns.

Right now we’re up to around 12 people and approaching 10m annual turnover.

I have been in marketing for around 17 years - first as a trainee list broker when i was 18.

What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help? - Like Nicolas’s answer - everything!

Unbounce underpins all of our campaigns - that’s allot of pages were continuously working on and optimising.

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film? hmm just googled Tom Hanks films to refresh my memory - theres allot of good ones!

I’m struggling to pick one from:

Catch Me if You Can
Saving Private Ryan
The Green Mile - this one - it’s had to say any are better than this!

The Terminal looks interesting - I’ll have to watch that…