Zoho api


Quick Question guys…

I have multiple pages I wish to integrate with Zoho CRM.

Do I need a separate API key for each form?

I have one set up thus far but I cannot seem to save a second page. I go to change the fields but it will not save them.

I do run pages on Unbounce across different companies so the fields are not always created equally.

I look forward to your thoughts.




Hey Danny - The same Zoho API key will work for multiple pages. Only if your attempting to connect to a different Zoho account will you need a different API key.

I took a look at your account and did see one page with integration errors. It looks like the required Zoho field ‘LastName’ isn’t being mapped to any of your form fields. For your name field be sure to map it to ‘LastName’ instead of ‘FirstName’.

That should push your changes forward, but if you run into further issues shoot an email to support@unbounce.com


I use the Zoho API to connect our landing pages to the CRM, however some of the automation features don’t seem to be working with the patch - the duplicate entry check as well as workflow automation for assigning tasks doesn’t work. Is there a known issue with Zoho API?


Hi Sayak - when you originally set up the Zoho integration there would have been a prompt to optionally trigger workflow automation rules. It’s possible that this wasn’t checked at the time of setup.

The way to fix this is to click on your Zoho integration and click ‘Looking for a different Zoho CRM Account?’. Then, select your auth token and press Continue.

Then you’ll see the screen that’ll allow you to enable the automations: http://screencast.com/t/uLfQSKZl

Please note, you’ll have to make this change on every landing page that you integrate with Zoho and wish to fire automations from.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you’ve double-checked this and are still having issues?