Zapier: How do you use it in your day-to-day?


Hi Community peeps! Stephanie here from the Unbounce Customer Marketing team :wave:.

I’m gathering some examples of how people have been using Zapier + Unbounce together so we can help our newcomers see how awesome/magical/time-saving/ass-saving the integration can be for them. So…

How do you use Zapier? Share your stories below!

Full disclosure: If you’ve got a super cool story, we might want to feature you in an upcoming project (with your permission, of course!), and send you some rad UB swag for your time.

Here’s mine: we wanted to send gift cards to people who successfully converted on a campaign, but each code was unique and had to be location-specific. So we (and by that I mean our jack of all trades @Luis_Francisco) set up a zap to fire when someone filled out a form, then filter based on location to pull a gift card code from our lists, and then send out a templated email with the unique gift card link. It saved our team from having to react to every form submit, and ensured people got their codes fast.


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I’ll start with an obvious one - pushing Unbounce form submissions into client CRM systems that don’t have a native Unbounce integration. Sometimes this is a simple Google Spreadsheet but more often than not, it’s an industry-specific or lesser-known CRM.

Another cool one we set up recently - creating to-do’s in Basecamp 3 when forms are submitted. It is amazing what happens when you create accountability for lead follow-up in the absence of a CRM.



:raising_hand_man: Zapier fanboy here!

We use Zapier similarly to Andrew by pushing Unbounce form submissions into client CRMs / Google Sheets.

We’ve also been using Zapier’s Formatter & Lookup Table to send form submissions to specific email addresses based on form data.



Another way we’ve started using Zapier lately is to enrich form’s data with Clearbit.

Their Webhooks & Code apps are also pretty useful.



We use to get new fresh leads in front of our sales reps eyes while they’re still on the website - so they can be contacted over WhatsApp with just 1 click in no time.



We use it to zap leads out of Facebook into our CRM. Not very exciting but it saved a custom integration and manually downloading leads in the interim.



Hello there !

Zapier is super important for us as it’s usually the only way to connect our LP to our clients home-made CRM.

Recently i had to connect a LP to a client that is using Prestashop to run it’s website.
While there is a paid addon in the prestashop marketplace for Zapier it didn’t workout and we had to to everything inside Zapier.

We had three main problems:

  1. Generate a password (not safe to ask on the form)
    To solve this we took the ID of the lead in Unbounce and use “Format” in Zapier to extract the 8 middle numbers in the ID of the lead. This would serve as a temporary password.

  2. Create two paths in the Zap so that when a lead was “Monsieur” (Mister in french) the path replace it with “1” and when it was “Madame” it would then replace it by “2”.

  3. Connect to the webservice of Prestashop which use a specific XML layout to create a new customer in their database.

Like Unbounce, Zapier is almost magical because, as a marketer, i could do everything myself while having no real knowledge of coding.



@Barney_Lassen Thanks for sharing your example. Automation is always more exciting than the manual alternative!

@julien_level Wow! Sounds like you are the true magician behind that flow. Very cool to see that you were able to do it all in Zapier as an alternative.

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We recently designed a post-training survey program that involves a survey (SurveyMonkey), a unique coupon code for survey completion (Coupon Carrier), follow-on email deployment (MyEmma) and distributed reporting (Google Sheets). Zapier handles all the interface.

Trainee goes to single landing page and signs up to take the survey. Contact data is pushed to SurveyMonkey and a survey invitation is sent out (Zapier). When survey is complete, a coupon code and coupon QR code link are retrieved (Coupon Carrier) and pushed to MyEmma for email deployment. If coupon is not redeemed after two weeks, a reminder is sent (Emma automation) and once the coupon is redeemed (Zapier) a different nurturing series is started (Emma drip). All of the interactions are recorded to a series of Google Sheets for auditing and reporting.



@Barry_Elk That’s an awesome example of pulling a bunch of different tech together and passing info back and forth between them. Plus all your tracking/reporting done in one place is something to aspire to! Thanks for sharing the Zaps in your workflow.

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I should have added - we use the Unbounce form to collect the “student” info because we don’t know who they are in advance. They take a class at a retail outlet and the outlet just tells them “Go to this URL to take the survey.” We don’t use a different URL for each outlet.

The other reason is that we use the Unbounce form as the “anti-ballot-box-stuffing” filter. We run an “oops_already_completed” cookie check on the Unbounce form AND even if they get around that using InCognito, SurveyMonkey won’t allow us to create a contact that already exists in the SM contact list. So if they took the survey once, they can’t request a new survey tied to that email address.

We haven’t used the “leads” list from Unbounce for anything at this point. Unbounce is just the input trigger to the rest of the chain.



@Dario Capitalizing on those leads while they’re super hot - awesome!



We :heart: Unbounce and we :heart: Zapier! Together, we are unstoppable. Our landing page forms are used mostly for webinar registrations and content downloads. We use Zapier to complete the GoToWebinar registration, or to send “Thanks for downloading” automated emails through iContact.

We also use a custom POST URL to send opt-in requests for our newsletter to our subscriber database.



There’s so many ways to use Zapier, in fact,book filled with 300+ ways to automate your work with Zaps! IS HERE

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