YouTube subscribe button on my landing page

Hi there, I’m a bit of a newbie with a minimal of coding background. I’ve configured my YouTube brand channel ahead of a launch and am now setting up a video tips page on my site and I’d like to include a YouTube subscribe button. The YouTube developers page offers up the code to create such a magical button with this:

What I don’t get is how to apply this code to my own Unbounce page after I replace “GoogleDevelopers” with my Channel ID. I tried adding the "Script src=… " to the Javascript section, and the div class code to an HTML button, but that didn’t do it. I feel Iike I’m just poking in the dark here. Any tips?

Thanks so much!

I can’t see the code you’re trying to add, but maybe you can try applying your code using the Custom HTML module (bottom icon in the left-hand panel).

Hi @barbaratien,

You need to add the script part to the JS section of the builder like so:

After that you need to place and HTML element on the page and paste the rest of that code with the correct channel ID like so:

Hit publish/re-publish and you should see your button show up. Here is a quick test to see it live.

Thanks so much, this is exactly what we did and it’s worked like a champ.