You have prebuilt templates, why not have prebuilt sections? A "sections" marketplace!


You have prebuilt templates, why not have prebuilt sections? A “sections” marketplace! 

Think about how much time it would save! Every Unbouncer is always complaining about not having enough templates. Instead of make a bunch of new templates, make modular sections!

Then you could drag and drop prebuilt sections, add copy and styling. This would be amazing and likely easy for Unbounce to implement. 

Right now you have to open up different templates and painstakingly copy between projects. It would be so much easier to just have an asset menu for inserting prebuilt sections.

Section examples could be:

  • Different Hero Styles
  • About Us
  • Team
  • Offer
  • CTA
  • Features
  • Product
  • Coming Soon
  • Social Proof
  • More Information
  • Headers and Footers (we know everyone wants these)

It would also make it easier for people who want to expand their use of Unbounce beyond landing pages. (Yes I know Unbounce specializes in landing pages, and Jim Collins thinks you should do one thing and do it well, but really, it’s such a small line extension.)

The sections could have the boxes organize and framed.  Unbouncers could add their own pictures, backgrounds, videos, etc.

Let’s make Unbounce the most popular landing page software! I would love to see them expand into full website building like Squarespace, but better, because it’s Unbounce! 


Totally agree with you Z. This would be awesome.


I agree with this too. I’ve been using FROONT to do some quick web page building and they have the ability to do this. 


Thats a great idea, I would prefer to pay for modules rather than complete templates. 


that’s a good idea


Z, This is a great idea in theory… however, the way the page builder is setup I highly doubt this functinality would be easy to add. This would a great place for Justin or Ryan or even Paul to comment. 

I can also tell you with almost absolute certainty that Unbounce does NOT want to be a CMS. This has been floated in the community many times. Yes, landing page software seems a bit niche… but with over 13k paying customers it is clearly paying off. 

I like the idea of being able to share modules within accounts or even across accounts… not sure I would ever pay for just a module though.



I love the idea of prebuilt sections! I already copy and past sections into new pages, but that requires opening up two windows, so I can’t see the functionality being too hard to implement. I hope to hear of the release soon :) 


@Joe If they would not pay for the modules Joe, why not offer them for free? It would streamline building pages. Even just landing pages, if CMS is something you never what to jump into.  I mean the modules are there, they just need to aggregated in a useful way. I.e. you wouldn’t have to even create new ones, you could start with what sections already exists, and have an option for Unbouncers to submit sections modules.  I’d be more likely to submit a module than a template, templates are too specialized and would take too much time. 

Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the quick feedback! Love Unbounce


I think Unbounce would take a long time to implement this feature, so how about building a third party unbounce modules store? then just download the modules in .unbounce format.  

How much are you guys willing to pay per module? 3 to 5dls?