You can now add a chatbot to your Unbounce landing page - by Joonbot


Happy to announce our partnership with Unbounce today!

You can now add chatbots to your Unbounce landing pages.

  • Chatbots can replace forms and increase your conversion rate on your landing page thanks to the conversational design.
  • With our fresh new Unbounce integration, you can trigger conversions and leads data back to the Unbounce dashboard.
    Try Joonbot now!

Integrate Joonbot to Unbounce is quick and simple.
Here are some articles to help you with the setup:

Looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks for sharing this with the Community, @Cam1 :star_struck: Love seeing that the integration trigger conversion/lead data back to the Unbounce dashboard. Very cool.

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This is awesome @Cam1!

Iā€™m impressed how quickly your team was able to get this working with our restAPI.

Good stuff :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: