Wrong Variantid in confirmation page

Unbounce sends the wrong VariantID in the form’s confirmation pages.

As you can see in the following image, the confirmation page URL is: *****/e-form_confirmation.html, while the Unbounce VariantID of the page is ‘a’.


In this case, you would have expected to see an exact match of the variant in the URL and the un.page.variantid value. And this doesn’t happen.

And passing this variable (as custom dimension) to Google Analytics shows this clearly:
So, I would expect to see that each URL would get’s it’s own unbouncevariandid, e and h, accordingly.

The UB variant is extracted via the script manager and sent to Google Tag Manager as data layer:

Is there a bug in Unbounce that sends the wrong VariantID of the confirmation pages?

Hi there @Saady_Abu_Hatoum!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve forwarded this to our technical team to see whether or not this is a bug. I’ll report back here with what I hear back.

Thanks for passing this along :slight_smile:


Hi again! Just closing the loop here.

@Vicky_W on our technical support team let me know that she has an open ticket with you, and she’s looking into this. You should be hearing back from her shortly.

All the best!


To customers who might be wondering about the answer to this question (tracking form confirmation dialog variant with custom dimension setup in GTM):

Changing the variable in dataLayer from window.ub.page.variantId to window.parent.ub.page.variantId will do the trick :wink:

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