Wrong displayed letters in the 5 elements design


I have problems in the 5 Elements of eff. landing page design with dispaying letters like _, _, _, _, _… sometimes it’s displayed right, sometimes wrong. How Can I solve it?


Hey Adam, 

I took a dive into your account and I was only able to find two pages, both unpublished. I wasn’t able to find the characters you were referring to, so I’m going to go ahead and open a support ticket and follow up with you directly. Hang tight!



the red points are above wrong displayed lettres, especially second line, they have significantly smaller size


here it is more obvious, it’s like in different font


Hey Adam!

This is more of a support related question, so we’ve created a support ticket for you to follow up in detail. It looks like you didn’t receive the initial response though, so you can you double check your email (including spam folders)? Thanks!