WP Site Stats not Matching Unbounce Stats


I started a test yesterday for my landing page. According to my Wordpress plugin (WP Stats), my landing page has been viewed 17 times. Four of those times were by me, and I made one sale when the hits reached 14. So gar today, there’s been three more hits, but Unbounce is only showing 2 unique visitors. The must, logically be at least 3 visitors.

What could cause the discrepancy between WP Stats and Unbounce Stats? Would I get more accurate stats if I compared Unbounce to Google Webmaster?




Hi Stephanie, there are plenty of factors that can cause discrepancies between different stats systems. I would encourage you to email support@unbounce.com so that we can better help you diagnose your specific issue, or at least help you understand how Unbounce calculates visitor stats.