Would you EVER send paid traffic to a website page? Not a landing page


I understand why we send paid traffic to landing pages. Just wondering if there is EVER a case to send traffic to a website? Examples and reasons why. Thanks!

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You can and should be sending paid traffic to any portal on the web: any page on your site, shopping cart, product page, lp, etc. You gotta pay for eyeballs today if you want sell anything or be heard online.

That being said every campaign is different. What you spend per channel and how you market that channel will be different. You can use all the same techniques like A/B testing and optimization but your goals will be different.

Essentially anything online should be treated like a “landing page”.

There are no specific examples. Just google anything and you will see ppc at play for all kinds of destinations.


Thanks Brendan. I am working with healthcare providers and the majority
just drop paid traffic off on their homepage and my selling point is to
say, “Don’t do this. Let me help you build specific landing pages etc.” But
i wanted to ask the community if i was in the wrong. Is there ever a reason
to drop paid traffic off on a home page?


I totally agree with @digibomb. Most websites are not optimized for conversion, so we almost always send paid traffic to landing pages.

The exception for us is with e-commerce campaigns where we send traffic directly to the product page, but we sometimes send traffic to a landing page with the intention of click-through to a product page. Depends on the scope/product really.

We’ve always seen higher conversions with landing pages. We work with many healthcare providers and will not run campings without them. It’s important to build service specific landing pages for optimal conversion (1 page for Invisalign, 1 page for teeth whitening, 1 page for general dentistry etc.).


Totally agree with @Stefano

The only other time we have not sent traffic to a site is if the site is not offering anything. Some companies have corporate portals that are there as essentially a placeholder. So we send traffic to an LP instead.


Great question @Seth!

My opinion is that as marketers, we live and we die by our offers. Offers are everything. Our landing pages are just the destination that holds our offer and presents it in the ideal manner to the right audience.

If you agree with that, then it would follow that landing pages are essential if we have a specific offer we’re trying to promote. Landing pages force us to focus. One call-to-action for one main offer. That’s it. Clean, simple, and distraction-free.

Homepages are the opposite of this. They are a candy shop full of things to do and buttons to press. So that’s why I would very rarely send paid traffic to a homepage… unless…

  1. The campaign goal is to simply pixel someone to retarget later (in which case, sending them to the homepage does the trick, but still I’d prefer to send them to a more focused page or post).


  1. The campaign goal is to simply build brand awareness, and I don’t have a specific offer for them (in which case, I’d rethink if that was actually the best use of my paid media budget).

Again, just my opinion, and if you ask 10 marketers this question, you’ll probably get 11 different answers. lol :smile:


You must take in count that a landing page was developed for an ultra-specific purpose, for a conversion goal in particular that can be: direct response “Sales”, Lead Generation, Download any document and others.


Yes, especially if your objective are transactions. Very few users will buy or convert the first time they land on your page so its better to use both strategies: First interaction landing page and last interaction (remarketing) full website.