Would you consider a form integration to GetResponse?


Sorry , but all this explanation of yours does not convince. This thread is very old and there was enough time to build an integration with one of the major autoresponder in the world.

I really don’t know why I’m wasting my time here, once it seems that Unbounce does not want to waste time with a feature that would bring lots of customers.

Bye Unbounce.


Move to Instapage.com, they’ve had it for nearly 6 months


Simply move to Instapage.com, they’ve had Getresponse for nearly 6 months, offer dynamic text replacement and mobile optimized pages as well.


^Dude I’ve never seen them before.

The only reason I stuck with unbounce is because they have the ability to create a page from blank. Build my own.

Instapage can do that too it looks like, means I can also get rid of my two paid apps that I’m currently paying for just to integrate wih Getresponse.

I’m sold.

Bye unbounce!


Very strange behavior from Unbounce indeed. Can’t be that hard to integrate, and it most certainly attracts a larger group of people than the ones looking for dynamic text replacement.

I’ve been trying out Unbounce for a couple of days now, but after reading this thread I will think it over again. I can recommend Landingi for anyone who’s looking for lots of features. A bit rough around the edges still, but I think they will improve rapidly.


Ive had a look at this thread and I have to say Im NOT IMPRESSED. I can see people as far back as 3 YEARS AGO begging you guys for a Get Response integration. The Zapier option is ANOTHER EXPENSE and is UNRELIABLE. Unbounce is a PREMIUM service, yet there are MAJOR OMISSIONS IN FUNCTIONALITY in your offering. A Get Response integration is one - LACK OF RESPONSIVE DESIGN is the other. This is getting to the point where as much as I love Unbounce and am prepared to pay the premium (PS - the fact you charge for additional custom domains is a JOKE), this LACK OF KEY FUNCTIONALITY (which many of your less expensive and larger competitors DO OFFER) is now HOLDING ME BACK in growing my business such that I am considering leaving you. Im pissed off and frustrated with you Unbounce, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I live in Scotland, I would be knocking on your office doors in Vancouver and speaking to you guys personally about this.


It would be extremely appropriate!
I mean, Getresponse is one of the major players in autoresponder market.
I’m surprised that Unbounce does not offer integration with it.