Would you be interested in an Unbounce Referral Program?



Hey everybody! :wave:

We’re in the process of collecting feedback from our customers to explore the concept of launching a referral program.

Over the years, many customers have been proud to refer Unbounce to other marketers, enough so that we think it warrants a way to give back! Put simply, we’d pay a recurring monthly fee to you as long as the referred party is an Unbounce customer.

If this is something that interests you, check some of the boxes below to help us with our next steps.

Would you participate in an Unbounce referral program?

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Are you already referring Unbounce?

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Would you be interested in participating in a beta program?

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Additionally, if you’re able to provide any information in regards to a couple of short answer questions, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. All of the information collected here will be brought directly to the team that’s organizing this project, so the more feedback the better! :ear:

-Who would you refer?
-How many referrals do you think you’d make?
-What amount of money would incentivize you?

Looking forward to hearing from y’all! :smiley:

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A referral program sounds great! Here’s my feedback from an agency perspective:

Who would you refer?
We would be referring all of our customers, usually as they offboard from our agency and move into managing landing pages on their own.

How many referrals do you think you’d make?
In a year? Probably hundreds. I know that a large number of them haven’t stuck around for super long in the Unbounce system though.

What amount of money would incentivize you?
As the person managing our agency Unbounce account, I’m less incentivized by a sort of cash bonus and more incentivized by page pack discounts, something to make a better offboarding experience for our customers, or swag that I can give to our employees.


@Allison_Otting - thank you so much for your feedback.

I’ve heard from a few agencies that a great use-case is for clients who can’t afford ongoing services or no longer are client - that a program like this would allow them to be rewarded for bringing people to Unbounce.

Questions for you:

So are you saying that the clients you’ve done work for aren’t sticky? Meaning they’ve left after a specific campaign was done or some other reason?

When you say “hundreds,” do you mean that you’d encourage the use of Unbounce over and above what you’re already doing? We’re interested in the net new customer so we’d probably give you a referral link so the client could open their own account that you’d manage (and also track you getting rewarded as long as their an Unbounce customer). Would this increase the number of referrals you’d make?

Very interesting that you wouldn’t care about earning ongoing revenue. So would it makes sense to reward you by increasing the usage thresholds to your account? Or possibly reducing your monthly cost?

Really appreciate your feedback!


Very much interested! I’ve been waiting for this program for years now :slight_smile:

Now about these questions:

-Who would you refer?

We’re a PPC agency, so we refer our clients - small and medium businesses who need to have their landing pages under their own account (very few clients actually agree to have subaccounts in our agency Unbounce account and prefer their own, even though it’s more expensive).

-How many referrals do you think you’d make?

Realistically, I’d say 5-7 actual new accounts monthly.

-What amount of money would incentivize you?

I’d say $200 would be competitive. And it’s not just a random amount, here’s where it’s coming from - there are website building platforms that pay this amount per referral, and there are hosting companies doing that as well, the same amount (Unbounce is kind of relevant to either of those industries and audience definitely overlaps). Each of these platforms is cheaper on a monthly scale than Unbounce entry level membership. And $200 is basically a 2-month worth of revenue from every new account, should also be realistic for Unbounce from the business perspective.


-Who would you refer?
Other marketers and entrepreneurs.

-How many referrals do you think you’d make?
Realisticaly half a dozen per year.

-What amount of money would incentivize you?
I’m with Acuena. I refer services that are cheaper and they pay about that much. Additionally, it’s an evergreen referral. Meaning that it pays each time the referral renews their subscription.


@Acuena - thanks for your reply.

A few questions:

  1. How long have you been an Unbounce customer?
  2. As a PPC agency, do you recommend landing pages as a must in any PPC campaign for clients? Are landing pages part of your basic services?
  3. So would you rather have $200 up front, than receive 15-20% of recurring revenue? If it’s a quality referral you’d be rewarded significantly more over the long term with the recurring revenue model.

Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


@granata are you allowed to receive personal referral rewards while working at Acuena?


Hah. No. I just meant that I was in agreement with @Acuena


Sure, happy to answer:

  1. Us as an actual paying Unbounce customer - over a year now. Until then we were (and after that) we were setting up the landing pages within our clients’ accounts (new or existing ones).

  2. Yes, definitely - we do recommend landing pages as a must. The landing pages are a part of our basic service.

  3. If 20% of the recurring revenue is an option in the first place, we’d definitely prefer that. Very few merchants in the similar industries offer a recurring revenue option, most just go with the one-time payment. Alternatively, some offer a combination - a signup bonus PLUS a monthly percentage. But I’m sure you’re aware of that :slight_smile: