Would like only one email notification of leads every 24 hours


If one manages quite a few landing pages, it would really help keep the insanity down to a dull roar if each landing page sent only one email notification of leads every 24 hours, combining all the leads gathered in that 24 hour period together as one email. Is this possible?

Currently the setup is ‘We’ll send you an email everytime you receive a new lead.’

Your help is much appreciated.


Hey Michelle - welcome to the Unbounce Community! 

Great suggestion! Right now, if you have email notifications enabled, you will receive an email automatically any time a customer submits a form on your landing pages.

The good news is, y ou can download all of your leads by date range from your All Pages screen by clicking “Download Your Leads CSV.” This comes in handy if you manage a lot of pages, or are using client accounts.

Could that work for you Michelle? If that’s not what you’re looking for, do let me know - I’d love to learn your use case.

Last but certainly not least, I’d love to learn how other Unbounce’rs in the Community manage leads. Any one care to share with Michelle?