Work with Godaddy?


Will this work with Godaddy’s Website Tonight? Lots of people put of starter sites there, Unblunce would be a great addition to the Godaddy default site builder.


Hi there! Just had a very quick look at Go Daddy’s offering. There’s nothing I can see that would *prevent* Unbounce from working with what Go Daddy offers. You could create your ‘’ site in Go Daddy, and then create landing pages in Unbounce at ‘’, for example. Is that what you had in mind?


Altering question. Godaddy wasn’t a good fit, moved to Shopify. Feels like going from Windows95 to OS X. Seems like it would work ok with Shopify?


I would think so. With Unbounce, you can link pages to any other web page, so from that perspective it will work with any sort of service that also produces web pages. Did you have any specific question related to using Unbounce and Shopify together?


You need to know what platforms you work with, and just as important, which ones you don’t. I’m going to try unbounce and performancing on Shopify and see what’s what.


I am pretty new to this to talk me like a kid, if you don’t mind Carl…
I am wondering how to get Unbounce to work with a Shopify store, my domain will be registered through either GoDaddy or BlueHost. (Would one be better than the other?)