Woobox experience?


Hi everyone,

I’m working with a client with adding Woobox to a landing page to take a survey that spits out your “personality”. Has anyone used the implemented Woobox through Unbounce? I tried to sign up for the free Woobox account to test it out but am not having much success.


Hey @Stefan! Awesome name :wink:

I remember running something similar for a customer - I think it was a coupon download (the user had to give up their e-mail to receive a time-limited coupon).

From memory, we simply embedded the code on to our page.

What exactly are you having trouble with? I would love to help.


Hey Stefano, thanks for the reply. I may just have to add an “o” to the end of mine. I haven’t run into any issues yet but it’s mainly because I haven’t received the code to embed yet. It looks like it will be simply but I’m being asked will it work and my response is that I need to see the embed code first. I wanted to throw it out on here to see if anyone had used it yet. I signed up for a free account with them but it didn’t get me what I needed.

I’m hoping to get the actual embed code in the next few days and will give it a try. I’ll report back.



@Stefan great! Let me know if you run into any problems. It should be fairly straight forward.


Will do, thanks again @Stefano.


@Stefan I have used coupon code embeds many times and never had any issues. It literally just embeds a printable/downloadable coupon.

We find the best way is to either out it on the thank you pop up, the thanks page or just in a lihghtbox.


Thanks @digibomb, I received the embed code today and it seems to be fine.


Cool beans :slight_smile: Usually embeds work well with Unbounce.