Wondering what sort of hardware/software seasoned UX Designers use for usability testing on mobile?


need to test on a variety of platforms and devices (Android, iOS, Windows). It would also be useful if it could capture video as well as audio.

We don’t know of a one-size-fits-all solution so we would also consider different setups for different scenarios (but would like to keep it to a minimum).

Some of the popular ones seems to be:

  • Mr. Tappy
  • Reflector
  • Magitest

Are there any others that you’ve had a play with and recommend?


Hi @akankshas31,

Based on your description and question, I’m assuming you are looking to do it in-house: finding your own participants, using your own devices and recording it all. Right?


Yes @Hristian that’s partially correct. It would be better if the participants could use their own devices. Any suggestions?


Hey @akankshas31,

I’ve used Lookback in the past and really like it. It works for both iOS and Android. It can record everything that’s happening on a user’s screen, as well as their voice and face. Also, multiple people in your group are able to share and comment on the recording in the Lookback.io interface.

The one downside is that in order to allow participants to use their own iOS devices, you must embed Lookback as an SDK in your app, which is kind of a plugin for your mobile app. It only records your app, and can thus be bundled and sent to users for testing. For participants, all they do is bring up Lookback’s interface and start recording.

For Android, you can gather feedback from remote testers by sending them an email invitation which with a few taps lead them through installing lookback and your app, as well as through recording the whole testing session.

I also found this list of mobile testing tools: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/testing-tools-for-mobile-ux/

Hope this helps :smile:



Not sure if this would totally work for all of your needs, but what about something like Hotjar?

It gives you heatmap and video recordings of your visitors (no audio yet, but I was reading that they’re looking to integrate this into an upcoming feature). Each recording is identified by device type, size, browser, OS, and a handful of other useful metrics. There are also a number of feedback features built into the platform specifically for usability testing purposes.

Super easy to set up, just add a tracking script to your site and you’re good to go.