Wix website integration


My website is currently built using Wix.
I want to use Unbound for some landing pages.
Will this integrate easily?
I’m not really techie.
Thanks Mark.


Hey Mark,

What do you mean by integrate?

If you are asking about a sort of “copy and paste” method from Wix to Unbounce. For example, if you have a Wix page you want to manipulate in Unbounce, that will not work.


Hi @markquigly,

Are you referring to using your CSS and HTML from your Wix page and placing it within Unbounce? I am pretty sure you can do that without any issues. But like @Kyle.C said you wont be able to makes changes within Unbounce and have those changes reflect on your Wix page.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses.

What I need to understand is, can I keep my main website in Wix and use Unbounce for landing pages at the same time?



Hey @markquigly,

Yes, you can keep your main Wix page and use Unbounce for a landing page at the same time. You can use your landing page to run any special offers you may have. Use the landing page in your social media and your other paid efforts to market those specials. You can also A/B test your Wix page vs Unbounce. See which ones reach your conversion goals more efficiently. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


Use a sub domain for your LP, like try.domain.com or learn, or my, or inside. This is standard practice. Set up the new domain on Unbounce and publish there.