Wistia AutoPlay Not Working


Hi Anyone has an idea why Wistia Auto Play is not working?

Seems to work with other landing page software but not unbounce.

Thank you


Could you post an example of a landing page where this is an issue?


Right here


So, anyone knows why the AutoPlay doesn’t work?


Hey @gokrispy,

The auto play does work for me. (macOS, Safari).

As soon as you click on your popover embed it starts playing.

If you want your video to start playing without clicking on it first, you might have to play around with their API or pick a different embed option.



Are you trying to get the video to autoplay directly on the page load, without the visitor needing to click on the first play button? Because when I click on the play button, it does autoplay for me as well, in a new lightbox.


Yes exactly, I want to get the video started without people click on the “play” button.

Soon as the page load, the video must play.