Why unboucne automatically rewrites code on our page?


When i post page and use code like

href=“javascript:void(o);” class=“lplh-35”>Ask for a question
unbounce rewrites my code and publishes:

[Ask for a question](javascript:void(o);)Why system added “_onclick” instead “onclick”.

I already tried to call function jSH(’#sh_button’) using external JS code, but it didn’t work. How to switch off automatically rewriting my code?

Page: http://landing.prolander.pro/test-4b


Hi there,

In general, I would recommend placing your JavaScript in the JavaScripts section of your landing page as opposed to inline. If you create a link in a text box, it could then be targeted in your JavaScripts like so:

$('#lp-pom-text-100 a').click(function() {});

This should work a lot better for you. That being said, I will create a support ticket to dig in to this underscore issue further. You should expect an email from me shortly!