Why the work of my account suspended?


hi, why the work of my account suspended? I know that the payment failed, the problem with the card. But on my account there is a limit on the 5000 visitors. I think that you are violating my dip, suspending work in my account.


Hi Aidos,

Not to worry! I’ll reach out to you directly and get you up and running ASAP. Hold tight!


Justin Veenema (Unbounce Answers)
Jul 10 09:00 AM

Hi Aidos,

Thanks for reaching out about your suspended account! It appears we’ve been having troubles billing your card since the beginning of April (see screenshot). Don’t worry though, your published pages are still live (see: http://www.doscom.kz/) - so you’re still able to drive traffic towards them and continue using your 5000 visitors, but you won’t be able to make any changes to your pages until we fix the billing issues.

Is there another card we can use for this account? Alternatively, we can set up manual billing with a semi-annual or annual pre-payment. If you’d like to do that, youh can use PayPal, cheque, or wire transfer.

Let me know the best way to get this billing issue sorted and we’ll get your account activated ASAP!


Justin | Unbounce Customer Success

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what does it mean? you decide to have the possibility to dispose of my 5000 visitors? My bank’s problem now. and no way to pay for more!
is solved within 7-14 days! But I do not understand why you decide to use the opportunity to fully bought my 5000 visitors? in fact I have bought 5000 visitors or what?


Hi Aidos!

As Justin mentioned, our Payment Gateway suspended your account because we’re having trouble billing your card.

Don’t worry - I’ve went ahead and temporarily un-suspended your account until we can get this sorted.

If you have any further questions, or concerns, please be sure to follow up with Justin via support[at]unbounce[dot]com - he has a ticket open for you.

Billing inquiries can contain sensitive information - it’s important we chat through email. Our community is best served for feature requests, tips n tricks, and sharing best practices.

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