Why only one form? Why not multiple forms on one page?


Can someone please explain why we can have only one form on the page? Our landing page is quite long so we want to have a form a the top and one at the bottom after they’ve absorbed more info if they choose - makes perfect sense, so why the forced one form only and is there a way around this?


There are many reasons why this is not possible, but let me suggest another option.

Add a button at the bottom of your page (or anywhere else) that scrolls to your one form. Check out one of our landing pages as an example :wink:

Check this documentation on how you can add this to your page.


Nice use of dynamic text for the headline. :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron, 

I second Finge’s opinion that using multiple forms on a landing page might not be the best solution. 

However, if you have the traffic and want to run an A/B test yourself, you can always embed a 3rd party form like Wufoo. 


Haha, I thought I’d have a little fun :wink: Glad you noticed!


Haha, I thought I’d have a little fun :wink: Glad you noticed!


This is an interesting debate, one initially I would have suggested that having only one form per page is always the best solution, however…

Recently I split tested a landing page. One variation had two forms, the other variation one. The page with two forms converted significantly higher. This finding has definately challenged the ‘best practice’ of one form in my mind. More research is need, but it was an interesting result to say the least. 

The way I got the second form on the first variation was using an iframe. The iframe opened a new Unbounce page, which only had a form on it.

Hope this is helpful.


Good work Finge on that headline! :slight_smile:


I was going to say pretty much what Finge and Hristian said… 

The only thing I would add is be careful of fatigue. You want people to do something, that is pretty obvious… if you hit people with the ask too many times they tend to get fatigued and “move away”. 

Something that I haven’t seen is the use of a sticky form on Unbounce pages. This usually works well with 2 column or 3 column layouts which people don’t really use on landing pages (may have answered my own question). It might be worth a try in addition to what Dan suggested.

If someone has an example or some conversion stats on sticky forms vs. static on unbounce landing pages that would be great to see.



I just saw today the new Basecamp homepage. 

It uses a sliding form on the right-hand side of the page that would be an interesting test for the right landing page. 


I actually created a page in Unbounce using a slide in form, see here http://effekt.conversionlab.no/slide/


Finge, That is very cool. Is there any documentation on how you did that?

One thing. I was looking at it on my desktop and wonderd about mobile. I shrunk my browser and it worked fine. But, I went to my phone to see it work on a device and it didn’t work. 

There is an element at the bottom of the page that is off or something. It only came up in 1/2 the browser window on moble. iPhone 6 fyi



Hi Joe, noticed the same thing as I am on the go and mobile myself :wink: The page is not receiving any traffic, and will need to iron this out before being used.

See how I was able to create this on another post here on the forum https://community.unbounce.com/unboun…


Nice work on this… Does anyone know how to make the form simply appear on the right of the page? Rather than only appear when a CTA has been clicked?


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Hi @Finge. Separate, but sort of related question. How did you get your form to be horizontal?


Hey @Leslie_Bartley ! Thanks for chiming in. :blush:

Glad you asked! We’ve got a thread in the Community about making horizontal forms here:

:bulb: Pro tip: If you ever have a question to ask the Community, there’s a chance there’s already a conversation about it somewhere. Give the Search function a try at the top of the page, and it will narrow down some conversations for you.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



Hi @Leslie_Bartley, sorry for the late reply. See the last comment from @Mark_Wainwright on how to do that :wink:


Hi @Finge - quick question here. How did you incorporate that orange arrow into your form? Is that a custom graphic, or can this be found in unbounce images?