Why Keyword Section on 'Page Properties'?


Hi everyone! I am a newbie to web/landing page creation and am creating a Wordpress site and Landing Page. Do I need to add Keywords in the ‘Page Properties’ section; or is this just for a landing page using the dynamic text function? It is my understanding that search engines no longer rank using keywords so I’m a little confused…? Thank you for any assistance!


Hi Laurie!

Search engines still look at word usage to determine what the page is about, but the meta keywords field (the one you mentioned in your question) doesn’t need to be filled out anymore. The search engines don’t pay attention to it. You should, however, fill out the Title and Description fields and include your keywords there. Remember that these two fields are what show up on the Search Engine’s results page so be sure to make your listing enticing to click on in addition to including your keywords.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!


Hi @Laurie,

I would agree w/ @Cody_Campbell above. Not entirely sure how effective or relevant the keyword meta-data is anymore, but you’ll absolutely want to fill out the title & description. You should also consider including additional meta-properties for social shares. You can find out more about this in the last section of this documentation.

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