Why Do My Unbounce PAge URLs have /default.aspx at the End in Google Analytics?


My landing page does not end in default.aspx but when I look for it in Google Analytics it has /default.aspx at the end.

My question is why this is and if it is an issue.

The only issue I see is that if Analytics is /default.aspx to the end of my unbounce landing pages I would have to factor this is when I am setting up my goals and goal funnels?

Any insights much appreciated!



Hi Kevin, 

Your pages shouldn’t end in /default.aspx

Based on what you’ve described, it seems that whatever platform you are using for your website is the one adding the extra bits at the end of your URL. 

Neither Unbounce nor Google Analytics uses .NET so it must be coming from your website. 

If your main website is using a popular platform, the Unbounce support team might be able to troubleshoot it for you. 

I would give them a call: 1.888.515.9161 or drop them a quick email with a bit more details at: support@unbounce.com



Hi Hristian,
The clients main website does that to all of thier other pages so it makes sense that that is probably the cause.
I’ll just need to set up my goals in GA to account for that.


I would also look into turning it off/excluding Unbounce pages simply because you might run into other unforeseen problems. (ex. tracking, analytics inside Unbounce, etc.)