Why do I get '?' sign instead of international (Polish) characters in my landing page preview and upon publishing?



I’m a new user. I love unbounce, but found a problem that makes it almost unusable for my purposes.

I entered international characters (Polish letters) into my newly created landing page. It looks fine on editor, but when I open a preview or publish the page - I’m getting ‘?’ characters instead of all Polish letters. The only one that is fine is ‘—’.

The page encoding seems to be fine (UTF-8). I’m using Firefox 3.6.3.

That am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Piotr Wrzalik


Hi Piotr! Very sorry you’re running into issues with Unbounce. You’re not doing anything wrong, a couple other users have reported this issue as well. We’ve acknowledged this as a bug, and hope to have it fixed very soon. Again, please accept our apologies!


Thanks a lot, this works perfect now!


Hi Piotr! Just wanted to let you know that we just released a fix for this bug. Enjoy!

Kind regards,