Why Can't we get GotoWebinar as a native integration? I don't want to spend $20/month on Zapier


I’m not sure what the issue is (technical or money) but we have been asking for over 4 years for this integration.  I’m not technical which is why I use Unbounce.  I don’t want to pay zapier $20+ each month so I can use “Premium” apps e.g. GTW.  

Unbounce: Why can’t we get through to you on this request?

I really, really, don’t want to move my account to Lead pages but they really make it easy to integrate with GTW and Webinarjam and many others for… FREE.

Any thoughts?  How can we motivate you further?


I’ve been a customer for over a year and now I’m contemplating a switch, it’s a waste of money to use zapier when other providers give this for free