Why can't I add others effects in addition to my "typed" effect


I already add my typed effect on my landing page, it’s working well. But each time I want to add an other effect (hamburger menu), my typed effect disappears.

Why can’t I do both? Can someone help me please?

Thank you!

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Sounds like a script conflict. I would need to see your scripts, what libraries you are loading, and where you are placing them.

Or, it is how you are calling the scripts. I would need to see the CSS and or check you have the right element IDs.

This is my script, I only have Javascript no CSS on my landing page.

And then, my “typed” effect works on mobile but not desktops and I didn’t change anything.

Can someone help me it’s urgent :frowning:

Hmmmm, I also think there is an issue with the browser loading the scripts. Something might be out of order, or not loading fast enough.

@judith.c2 could you try placing the first part of the “typed” script in the HEAD placement? Make a new script in the builder. But leave the lower script in the “Before Body End Tag” placement.

Make sure they still include the opening <script> and the closing </script> for the first part and the second part.

hey @judith.c2 sorry missed your reply, but @Kyle.Carline has your solution.