Why aren't all page variants copied


When duplicating a grouping from the dashboard, it should duplicate all of the page variants, not just the champion.


Hi Mark,
This issue is quite high up on our list and has been brought up by a few other customers. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Thanks for reaching out,



+1. This is definitely a problem!


It would be great to add the ability to copy a single variant to another page, even if it means going through an export/import procedure.

I am about to create a new variant on one of my pages. This will be quite some effort and I want to re-use the same variant on another page – that other page is basically the same, except for a different traffic source.

Is there any way to export and then re-import a variant, or to copy it to another page? This would save a lot of work.


Hey guys, we added support for this a few months ago but this thread got missed when we announced it. If you haven’t noticed already, you should see the option to choose “All variants” or “just the champion” when you duplicate a page from your dashboard.