Why are variants now showing separately in Google Analytics?


I was reviewing some stats on our landing pages in Google Analytics, and I noticed that on Monday, April 17, GA started showing the visits to our landing pages separated by variant. As in the screenshot below, it now shows the URL and the letter for the variant:

You can see it in the chart as well, where the regular URL (in this case, “/getting-started/”) is the orange line, then it splits into the green and purple (for variants “h” and “f”).

Does anyone know why this is happening?


Hey @Scott_Bowen!

It looks like around April 17th you disabled an old Google Analytics script that was a traditional tracking script from Google Analytics themselves and updated to our Google Analytics script manager integration which is why you are seeing this change :slight_smile:

Our integration with Google Analytics is automatically set up to fire events for the following:

  • Button clicks
  • Text link clicks
  • Form Submissions
  • Variant tracking

We automatically append that variant letter so you can easily identify which of your variants is receiving traffic and ultimately so you can figure out which is performing better! You can read a little more on this integration here.

I hope that helps clarify @Scott_Bowen! Have a great weekend :smiley:


@Alyssa, thank you! I had read about the GA integration when I set it up, but I didn’t realize how the variant tracking would manifest itself in the reporting.