Why am I getting random leads with no good information?


I have three fields in my form to sign up for a new product - Name, Email Address, comments. I have received several leads where all three fields are filled out with random letters. IE - “dgfdsfgs” or “xcvbvb”. All of them come from IP address -


Install the GA code and track your traffic down to source. This is not Unbounce related.


Hi Scott, Polle is right (thanks Polle), this isn’t directly an Unbounce issue. You’ve likely picked up some spam bots. Installing Google Analytics will help you understand your traffic sources, but won’t necessarily allow you to block further spam submissions. The other thing you could look at is a service like CloudFlare.

FYI, you can see that IP address is a known attack address:


Also, we’re hoping to introduce better spam/bot blocking support later this year.


Hi Carl, is there any update on spam/bot prevention? I’m getting heaps of spam in my forms, from different IPs. Just something that ignores forms with a URL in the comment field would do the trick…


Hi Kristy - depending on how testing goes (we’re currently making sure our spam prevention solution doesn’t cause undue load that makes the app slow down), you’ll see the first iteration of a spam solution in 2-6 weeks. It’ll be a combination of auto-blocking repeat offending IPs and additional validation that will allow us to isolate and then remove those submissions from your leads database and conversions.

It’s not going to be perfect right away, as we’re erring on the side of making certain that we don’t block any legitimate leads, but we’ll be rolling out v 1.0 and then improving every 2-4 weeks after that.

I know spam’s been an issue we’ve been struggling with finding a workable solution for, for a long time, so we really appreciate everyone’s patience.


Any news on this? We are getting a bot attacking our landing page for the past couple of hours


Hi Sophia - We’re gearing up to roll out the filtering and we’ll be coupling it with an additional catch for form spam as well. It’s actually been installed on the application side, but we still need to do an upgrade to our page server. Once that’s complete, it should be ready to go.

In the interim, we can block the offending spam IP for you. I’m opening up a Support ticket for you, so I can gather all the pertinent details. Please look out for my email.


Thanks a lot Quinn!


How is it going with the filtering, it seams we are getting some spams too…


Hi Joakim - the filtering has two parts: one that looks through a constantly updated list drawn from several different anti-spam databases for problem IP addresses and one that rejects a form fill if a hidden field we append to every form is filled out.

This has let us catch the bulk of spam, but you will still get the odd spam lead here and there, though if that same spam bot tries to hit your page multiple times, it will get caught eventually.