Whole page view as html?


is there a way that I can view my entire, published page as HTML?


Hi Miles! I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to view the HTML source code of your published page? You would typically use your browser’s “View Page Source” feature if that’s what you’re after (usually available by right-clicking on the page). Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question!



I think what all of us are wondering is if we can EDIT the HTML of a published page. There are situations where that would be quite helpful.


It is currently not possible to edit the HTML of an Unbounce page. The editor works at a “level” above the HTML so that it can holistically deal with various page components such as a form or button etc. The HTML is generated and assembled when the page is published, it is not used as a means of storing the editable version of the page.

You can however embed HTML within a page using the Custom HTML button in the toolbar. A custom HTML component can contain whatever HTML markup you like.

If there are specific components that you would like to see or existing components that don’t quite meet your needs then let us know. We use customer feedback when prioritizing our product development road map and while deciding what features and functionality will be most beneficial to our customers.