White strip at bottom of the page



i’m getting a white, horizontal strip appearing at the bottom of the desktop and mobile versions  of the page i’m working on. have had a quick look at the forum and couldn’t find anything that covered it. (the only script i’ve added is the FORM FIELDS one which allows me have the form wording inside the box).

i thought i’d maybe missed a page length field somewhere but even when i try and extend down a box/panel to cover the white strip, up it pops again. 

thanks in advance. 



I found that changing the page background to what you want to be the color at the bottom of the page prevented this. However if the white appears as a result of your script this will not help :wink:


thanks Finge. even if i go for solid colour page background, the white strip remains. must be a function, then, of the form fields script or some other google thing that’s going on. cheers anyway.     


Post a link to your page so we can have a look at your code. I know some of the scripts out there can easily be changed to fix this.


thanks very much!



Hi Nick,

If you turn on section guides in the builder, you might notice there’s a small blue handle on the bottom left side of your page. You might have to scroll down a bit to see it. Just drag it back to the end of your footer section and that should fix it hopefully. Please let me know. :slight_smile:




wow - an embarrassingly simple solution. it worked. i promise i tried something i thought was this - but clearly wasn’t  :/

thanks Topp and Finge for your help. 


It’s not embarrassing at all! It took me a while to figure it out too. Glad we could help!


Hi Topp - I’m having a really similar problem on a page I duplicated. The original didn’t have a white space at the top, but now the duplicate does. Can’t figure it out! Thanks for any help you might be able to give!


Hey Matt,

Sorry just read your message here. I was away on vacation. Anyway, can you provide the link to your page?




I’ve tried all the solutions mentioned here without any success. Mind taking a look at my landing page?




Hi Greg,

The white strip in your particular case is due to the Google conversion pixel.

It adds 13px that are visible and therefore “breaking” your page a bit.



EDIT: Here you can find a few solutions to the problem. Whichever one you pick, just make sure to double check that it’s working properly across browsers.