White line when I copy pages


when I duplicate pages to edit a new page variant, It appears a white line up of the page (or sometimes down).
I see this line only in preview mode and online when page is published. There is no way to see this line and remove it in editing mode.
Attached you can see a screenshot of the page in the preview mode and editing mode.
Is this a sort of Unbounce bug? Can anyone help me?
Thank you


Hi Davide - thanks for posting!

After some digging into the issue for this page in your account, it appears that the white strip at the top of the page is being caused by a chunk of code placed into your page called ‘Codice per il remarketing’ (this can be found in the ‘Scripts’ tool of your page.)

This stripe only appears in preview mode as ‘Scripts’ are only applied to a page in Preview or Published mode.

To troubleshoot this, we would recommend going back to your resource who you had obtained this code from and request that they dig into this. Unfortunately Unbounce would not be able to speak on third-party code but if you have any further questions about settings for your Unbounce page itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch again.

I hope this gets your moving in the right direction!

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


I have the same problem


Hi Olivier - can you send me the details of your Unbounce account and the name of the page you are seeing this problem with to support@unbounce.com? When I have the additional information I can dig in from our end.