White labeled version?


Would be great - increasingly I am building these for my clients - and would love to have them automatically mailed leads, and for them to be able to jump in and create some tests themselves…

But I would like to retain control, and not disclose your good selves.

Is a white labeled version in the offing?

Also + 1 for Campaign Monitor integration :slight_smile:



Both external and internal clients.


Ad me also - I can’t use for some, since they tend to take over if I educate them too much.


Hey guys, we have a lot of requests for a “white label” and it’s likely to be something we approach in the future. Before we do though, we’ll be focusing on building support for “multi-user” and “multi-client” which may satisfy a lot of the white label requests. We’ll keep this post updated with any progress.

Also, Liam if you haven’t already, jump over here and add a vote for Campaign Monitor…


One easy thing we would like to see is that the cname address used for custom domains not say the name unbounce. Other than that, our clients would not know that our landing pages were from unbounce.


Ahh interesting. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve added it to our list.


For me, the other thing is that the emails containing prospect data if “email to me” is selected is heavily Unbounce branded… is there a way to at least make that relatively anonymous??

At the moment I collect the data, and send over the CSV but it is an unnecessary addition to the process.




If we could remove the UnBounce branding and provide multi-client management capability that would be golden.


This is something we’ve heard from a lot of people. A possible solution for you in the meantime is to use our webhook to formulate your own email that you send to clients. The example PHP script on our help article should get you started…