White edges around the webpage on mobile


Hey guys! So i am done with the page (Desktop and Mobile) but unfortunately on mobile there are white edges to the page if you scroll to the right… And the images arent exactly 100% occupying the width of the screen… Any idea how i can fix this? Attaching 2 references.

Thank you!


Hello @BandIndustries,

Can you share the url so we can have a look ?

Usually when you have space like this, it’s because you forgot an element somewhere.
There is a slider at the bottom which means something mut be there.


Thank you for the reply! here is the page: http://roadietuner.com/ukulele

the issue is on mobile only, i am checking the right edge of the page and there is really nothing… any idea?


Hey @BandIndustries,

You have a white text on white background outside of the mobile view that is breaking your page.

Either remove it or hide it and you should be good to go.



Thanks a lot! It’s been fixed and works very well :slight_smile: