Which Variant is most effective at driving sales, not just clicks


How can I determine which variant drives the most sales, not just the most clicks to the shopping cart? Clicks are great, but if they are not converting, I need to know that.

I have multiple variants of a page running and I can see in UB which variant of a given url is the best for driving clicks but what I really need to know is which variant drives the most sales.

Is there any tool, free or paid, that would let me know which variant of a given url is the most effective sales driver?


Hi Gordon,
We’ll be releasing a new tracking feature soon that will let you place a conversion script on the final destination page to measure the sale.
(If you have control of that page and the ability to add a script to it).

Does it sound like this will work for your situation?


Hi Oli - this would be great - any eta for the tracker?


No firm ETA right now - but it’s being worked on as we speak.
Would love to give you something more specific, but really soon is about as good as I can say at this point.


Hey Oli - is this still planned?


Hey guys, yes this has already been rolled out and somehow this Get Satisfaction thread was missed when we announced it. Here’s the article on how to get started with the conversion tracking script:


Sorry we didn’t update this thread sooner.