Which posting options can we expect?


I’m happy to see you’re giving the API an effort now.
Looking through the documentation there is stille very few posting options. Do you have a roadmap for new options on their way?
Specifically I’m interested in being able to post to change publish status for a page. This would enable us to create timed page publishing for our clients (we’re an agency).
Best regards


Hi Lars @Boost_Company,

Happy you are interested to learn more about the future of our API. Our near term roadmap prioritizes self-service OAuth & releasing the ability to register a integration, type webhook. We have been collecting feedback but have not had a significant amount of requests for additional functionality, by launching this community we hope to collect more feedback on feature requests and how community members like yourself would like to use the API. I have added your idea to be able to change the publish status of a page. Some other ideas that have surfaced so far is to have the ability to manipulate forms or add scripts to pages.

I would love to learn more about the service you would build if the ability to create time page publishing was available.