Which one to choose for new pixel, TRAFFIC or CONVERSION(View Content)


So I’m planning to setup a new pixel for my e-commerce store and I’m really confused. I have read a lot about that you should do traffic campaign first to season your pixel but some say you can directly go to conversions and choose view content or purchase as your event even without data. My questions are:

  1. What is the difference between traffic and conversion campaign (view-content event) when it comes to driving traffic to your website when you still have no data as they both do the same job from what I understand?
  2. Can I directly choose conversion-purchase without any pixel data?
    3.If I were to choose from the “Optimization for Ad Delivery” options(Conversions, Landing Page Views, Link Clicks) on a conversions campaign which would be better and why?
  3. If I have different kind of products for different audiences that I make ads for, will it mess up my facebook pixel?

Thank you in advance