Which button is getting the clicks?


How can I see the stats for each conversion action on a landing page? I have 2 buttons, I want to see how many clicks each is getting.


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately at the moment we can’t give you stats that distinguish between each conversion action on your page. They are all lumped together. We hope to have this capability in the future sometime.



Hi Justin, thanks for letting me know. Hopefully soon!


Hi Chris!

I’m not sure what kind of buttons you have, but if it is a button for a form, then you can track the clicks if you use an email marketing service (like Silverpop).

For example, on my site, I frequently ask visitors to request certain documents via a form. Once people fill out the form/survey that I created in Silverpop (I paste the html code into my pages), I can track how many people Silverpop sends the email to and how many people click the link to download the document that they first requested from my landing page.

With your two buttons, you would use two unique surveys that you can independently track.

Maybe something like that would work for you or perhaps someone else reading this :slight_smile:

~Sara Beth


HI Jennifer/aka Sara Beth :slight_smile:
Thanks for that info. These are actually images that have links assigned to them. But actually it would be possible to use Google analytics to track it too. Thanks again!


hi, just a follow up. is it possible to track different buttons with same url in one page now? thanks.


Hello Ann - for now your conversion stats reflect all conversions on a page

To drill down and see the kind of information you are looking for, we’d recommend using a feature like Google Analytics’ event tracking to monitor individual button clicks. In our Google Analytics set up instructions there is a comment near the bottom of the thread from Slan Dizier, one of our developers, who explains how to track button clicks with GA.

Nonetheless, this feature is still on our radar though we have no estimate for when it might be added. We are currently working on a number of large preliminary projects that will help lay the foundation for this functionality.

Be sure to let us know if you have any further questions.


Ryan, since this thread is a few years old. Are you still not able to show what button is getting clicks on a page? Can’t find it in the documentation so far


Hi there!

You can see all of these stats in Google Analytics as “events” so long you have the Analytics integration set up natively in Unbounce (see attached example).

Let me know if this helps :sunglasses:?