Where to Place Facebook Tracking Code when TY Page is not on Unbounce


Hi there, I’m currently trying to set up a Facebook Tracking on an Unbounce Page that links to a Form & TY page on my website’s domain.

What’s the best way of setting this up?

I know that I can add the Facebook Conversion Pixel to the unbounce page where I’m directing traffic from my ad. I’m just wondering if I would also add the registration tracking pixel to the TY Page that’s on my domain? 

I want to activate remarketing ads on Facebook so I just want to make sure everything is setup accordingly. 




Hi Tiffany, 
I might be confusing this a bit, but wouldn’t you want to set this up the opposite way? Conversion pixel on your non-unbounce thank you page, and other pixel on your actual UB page? 


yes, the conversion pixel will be installed on the TY pg on our website, but there also needs to be a tracking pixel on the Unbounce page correct? Unbounce page as view event and TY page as conversion event?

Just want to make sure we won’t be double counting.  


Any idea? ^


Hi Bella,

Yes! This would be the best way to do this. Let me know if you have any other Qs.


Sorry for the drop-off there Bella! @Stefano is correct, that’s the right way to do it. :)