Where to add sources from articles & studies?

Hello there,

I built a landing page where the first module (see attachment) is showing data (e.g. $1000+ What you could spend to replace a damaged laptop) from three different studies/sources .

I would like to know what is the best place to add the sources (company name, date of the study, link, etc.) to the page- is it in the same module? In the footer? A separate module at the bottom of the page?

I look forward to your recommendations!



Hey @apardoux,

I would go with notes in the footer.

You’ve already told the visitor the highlight of that particular study/source. Those who want to learn more would know what the small footnotes mean and where to look for it.


EDIT: Alternatively, you can remove the footnote annotation and make the whole thing clickable. Opening up a lightbox with a bit more information and/or opening up a URL in a lightbox. I would advise against “leaking” traffic away from your landing page but it is an option.

Agreed with @Hristian on making the whole thing clickable. That’s common online today, both in marketing and news.