Where do I send the JSON data from unbounce using webhook?


I have a page that I created in unbounce with filed “Name”, “EmailAddress” and Download button. I have also configured the webhook. While configuring webhook what should I put in the URL? It’s the server where the JSON data(data.json) would be hold, right? Is there any free server where I can put data.json? I can write the code to extract the data from the server but I don’t know where to store data.json? Thanks in advance.


Hey Sachit!

The webhook URL is where our server will POST to every time there’s a form submission.

The idea is that you’d point it at a server running your code so you can process these in realtime, as opposed to polling for the information at some later point. If you’re intending to write code to periodically pull that information from a free server, why not just write code that accepts each JSON POST and processes it immediately?

Let us know a little more about what you’d like to do, we’re happy to help you get it all figured out.


Thank you for your reply! Here’s my scenario:
A person visits a website with a webform in it. Then he enters his Name and Email to get a Download. The person is then redirected to a success page where he can download ebook. I have done all these using unbounce. At the same time the unbounce page sends the person’s information(name, email and ip address) to the Web Application via webhook. I am developing application locally using Python/Django. I don’t own any server now. What would be the best idea to test the webhook for me in the development phase?


Hey Sachit! For that sort of testing, I’d tend to use http://requestb.in. Just go there and create your own bin, then specify the bin URL as your Unbounce webhook URL. Then you can see the data we’ll send whenever you submit a form on your Unbounce page (just visit your requestb.in page to see the data POSTed by our webhook).

Alternatively, you can get free hosting at Heroku for developing Django apps. Check out https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles…. Hope that helps, just hit me up with any further questions!