Where are the tools to create a custom confirmation page?


I’ve created a landing page, but can not find the tools to create a “thank you” confirmation page.


Hi Tanya - any page with a form on it, will have a thank-you page built in. Once you add a form to a page, you’ll see an additional tab appear in the top-left of the page. This lets you switch between your main page and the confirmation page.

On that confirmation page, you’ll see the same set of tools to style text, add images, etc as on your main page.

The confirmation dialog will open in a lightbox whenever someone fills out your form.

Alternately, in the form properties, you can also change your form confirmation action to “go to another web page” and then link to an additional page that you’ve built in Unbounce and use that as a thank-you page, if you’d prefer a full page over the lightbox.


Hey Quinn,

I have added a PayPal button to my landing page for people to make their purchase. I have also crafted a “thank you” page that I would like the buyer to be directed to once they finish at Paypal.

I’ve looked through Paypal’s info and haven’t found any advice as to how to get people to where I want them to go after checkout. (I also have a page for when people leave without completing the checkout to hopefully talk them back into making the purchase)

Can you tell me how I would approach something like this?


Hey Tyrone Ð Paypal’s Auto-Return function will let you set a thank you page and automatically direct people there after they’ve completed your purchase.

There isn’t a way to automatically direct people to a page as they leave your PayPal funnel though–that would require directing them to a page when they’re trying to navigate elsewhere, which a browser wouldn’t allow.


That makes sense! I recently hired someone to make my landing page and some other pages and they made one that was for the purpose of having a second chance at making a sale. No idea how he intended to make it work though!

I did find the info for the Auto-Return very helpful. Thanks for the link!