When will you support SSL landing pages for secure PII data transmission?


When will you support SSL landing pages?

The GSA has stated "If PII needs to be transmitted over the Internet, it must be sent using encryption methods defined in the GSA Information Technology (IT) Security Policy (GSA CIO P 2100.1E, Ch. 4, para. 22). www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104276

We do work with government entities and large organizations who have the same PII data transmission policy and as a result we must comply. I have been the largest proponent of using unbounce.com now across multiple companies, but until this feature is available, we must stop using unbounce.com for our internal lead gen efforts.

I also highly recommend that anyone using unbounce.com for your corporate lead gen campaigns consider your security policy and the local laws currently being enacted around secure transmission of PII. If you are collecting PII over http only, you should reconsider.


Hey there!

Just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that  SSL is on the way;  and it’s actually a lot closer than you might think! Paul Doerfling, a Product Manager here at Unbounce, just released a quick SSL update in the Community detailing our final timeline for launch (spoiler: it’s soon), as well as a few tidbits about what to expect when it’s live. 

Go check out update and share your thoughts/feedback here.


Good news, everyone! 

SSL has finally been released for all PRO99 plans and up. Check out the release thread here

Thanks for your continued support for this feature!