When I click on a link that go to a form (or an anchor), the first click loose the stylesheet of the CSS


Hi There,

I created a link on the text “s’inscrire” which go the form of collecting emails.

Before I click on “s’inscrire”, The page look like this.

Then, I Click for the first time on “s’inscrire”.

When the click is done, I loose the stylesheet of my Css and I see that.

Then, I click on “s’inscrire” for the second time.
As a result, I go to the form.

Is it a bug or can I resolve the problem ?
and Sorry for my english


Salut Marc-Antoine,

There definitely appears to be an issue here. Could you forward the URL for the page in question to us at support@unbounce.com and let us know if you encountered this issue in Preview or at the published URL? We’ll be sure to dig in once we have that information.


Hello Ryan and thanks a lot for the answer.
I encountered the problem in the preview.

After your answer, I tried to publish and the problem doesn’t appear.


Glad to hear it!