When I attempt to edit pages, only I can see is "Loading Page Builder" with black screen


When I attempt to edit pages, only I can see is above.
I waited long times to load page builder, but It doesn’t appear any changes.
For my Macbook I can use page builder, but for my PC I can only see this.

I use Windows 7 and latest Chrome.

Please solve this problem until my first payment.


Hi Kain - I was able to open the edit page for your two pages in Windows 7/Chrome, so I’ve opened up a support ticket, so we can dig into this and to some more troubleshooting. Please look out for my email shortly!


Hi Kain - I haven’t heard back from you via email. If you haven’t received my two emails for some reason and you’re still having this issue, please email us at supportATunbounce.com and I’d love to take a closer look at this for you.


I am having the same problem. was there ever a solution for this? I login using john.turley@gmail.com but please write to me at sanpedroinvestments@gmail.com


BTW, it loads fine in Firefox but I prefer working in Chrome