When do you start planning your ecommerce campaigns?


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Jordana here, Product Manager at Unbounce!

We know that it’s pretty common for those of you in Ecommerce to use landing pages as an alternate product page outside of your website, and while I think we are fairly knowledgeable about marketers and marketing in general, I am seeking to learn to more about how marketing for Ecommerce works for you.

One question I’m super curious about, is what’s your average lead time for campaign planning, particularly the all-important Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas season? For instance, do you plan your holiday campaigns months in advance, or just the week before?

  • 6+ months ahead
  • 3-6 months ahead
  • 1-2 months ahead
  • less than a month ahead

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Feel free to go into as more detail in the comments below :point_down:. We really appreciate your feedback here, as it helps us validate the ways we shape our product. I you’d be open to talking more about what you’d like to see in Unbounce as an Ecommerce customer, please shoot me a DM!



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(For Facebook specifically) Although you can still be successful planning 2 months ahead, you ideally want to be building your audience sets well in advance. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, these high-sales holiday periods are extremely competitive. Everyone is competing for the same consumers which means your CPM is likely to be very expensive. You want to be able to reach your potential consumer for less, and you want to maximize their chances of converting. This is why you want to have access to “warmer” sets of audiences (scalable retargeting sets of audiences). Secondly, you want to be able to reach an audience is both scalable and refined. To do this you need to have access to multiple sets of Lookalike Audiences. Building these Lookalike Audiences intelligently requires a lot of strategy and planning. You’re better off building these audiences in less competitive market cycles, before Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas season. Hope this helps! Would be very happy to dive deeper into this explanation if anyone has a question!

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