What's Your Strategy For Page Variants A/B Testing

Based on the majority of my work, the theme doesn’t change too often. So it becomes difficult to keep landing pages fresh with unique content. How do you keep your page variants from getting stale?

I’ve got my go-to methods when creating another page variant. But I’m super curious to see what else people do when creating more variants. For example, if I need a quick way to make another variant I will…

:one: Change the hero/header image.
:two: Change the color scheme to relate to the hero/header image.
So if there are a lot of blues in the hero image, maybe I will choose a contrasting red for the button color.

Let’s see it Unbounce fam! What is your go-to strategy for an easy page variant?


I know there’s a few smartypants in here and I’d love to get their two cents. @colinsa, @Malik @jbragg @julien_level are the first that come to mind. :bulb:

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that’s a good question :slight_smile:

for us, there are usually different A/B testing step.
The first is like your first and second points.
Then we try to change the order of the fields in the form (Most of the time we have between 6 to 10 fields - multistep 2.0 or jotform)

Then we usually add stuff to the LP !

  • facebook comments to improve the conversion rate (around 1 point)
  • change the discount if we have more than one available.
  • etc

@julien_level I never thought about adding FB comments (don’t laugh, I’m a relative newbie :slight_smile:) but thanks for the idea. Along those lines, I’ve been curious if client testimonials do indeed make a difference in conversions. Duh, guess I should TEST that, too, huh?


Yes you definitely should !

I add facebook comments because my LP are selling B2C products.
Also, when choosing the comment, i’ve noticed that the one with typos are usually better at converting; I guess because they look more real… It also depends if your client or your boss allows you to do this :slight_smile:


Wait, the Facebook comments that have typos in them convert better?! Do you replicate the typo in your content?

If that’s true, it’s consistent with why the SEO of this community is so strong, because the language being used is more authentic and aligns with what other marketers are searching for in Google.

No I don’t replicate it in my content as I integrate the FB comment by using the comment iframe given by facebook, so it appears like a real FB comment (not sure if I’m really clear here !)

Here is an example :

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Oh I see, at first glance I’d assume it performs better because the typos make me believe that a real person wrote it.

I also wanted to share this here for anyone who hasn’t seen it:

It’s a hefty read, and definitely worth it. But come back here with comments/questions!


thanks @Jess for tagging… past few weeks were insanely busy… @julien_level we’re in the B2B hardware/software sales (pretty traditional) and don’t really have an FB page but its a great idea for the future… thanks for this!

  • changing featured image, CTA position, copy on the CTA, a diff headline, adding in-page navigation links are some of the things that I try. mostly related to above the fold items.

For us, most of the campaigns are pretty short-lived bringing cold-traffic (not more than a month), so we hardly change the variants since we’re launching new campaigns all the time. But the Smart traffic feature is definitely on my priority list when we do our next AB test. Woot!

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I like to go big on variants, see what works and then try minor changes on the one that gets the best results. By going big, I mean.

  • Try different offers (30% off vs $2K off)
  • A traditional attractive hero image vs bold text with no image
  • A hero that depicts success of the product/service vs one that shows failure when not using it
  • A hero that promotes your primary benefit vs explaining how you’re different from the competitor
  • A quiz hero vs traditional